How to use scrub on face

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How to use scrub on face Empty How to use scrub on face

Post  shamraiz on Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:20 am

Scrub - This exfoliating tool that is used in additional procedures for the care of the person. Its main action - a deep cleansing and removing its dead cells.

After using the scrub, facial skin smoother on it removed all sorts of rough and uneven, it becomes clean, smooth and velvety, markedly improves the complexion. Unfold and cleanses pores, eliminates peeling, the skin better with more oxygen.

Scrub mainly consists of such parts as the basis, and exfoliation of the particle. A basis can be taken gel or cream. If the scrub is made in the home, as a basis often serve products such as sour cream, vegetable oil, raw eggs, honey and many other creamy mass. A peeling off the particles are well chopped nuts, ground seeds and dried fruit peel, eggshells, coffee grounds, or ground coffee, powdered dry tea, oatmeal and wheat bran, salt.

Of course, nowadays you can buy ready scrub, virtually any cosmetic company. But you can easily prepare it at home yourself, of your existing presence in the household products.


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